About Inpol-Krak

The family company InpolKrak has been operating in Kraków since 1994. It offers highly processed films and steel products. Recently the company expanded their offer with steel processing. The company has a robust network of retail points in Kraków, Gdańsk, Tarnowskie Góry, Radom, Wrocław and Murowana Goślina. The company's enclosed warehouses are in Kraków, Kluczbork, Tarnowskie Góry and Murowana Goślina. The company distinguishes itself through professional, comprehensive customer service and the high quality of their goods.


Inpol Krak deals in more than just the sale of steel products and films. The company’s offer includes also professional steel cutting services, including quality carbon steels

Thanks to our experience and technologically advanced machinery we are able to cut quickly, accurately and repeatably, with guaranteed measurements, deburr ends of tubes and profiles, remove any stains and swarf, package the product in any way desired by the customer and deliver the material right on time. Our experiences in serving customers from the automotive industry are sufficient proof of that.

Steel can be cut in one of two ways:

– waterjet cutting

– laser cutting (for example in case of steel pipes and profiles)

We do our best to ensure that every service of cutting steel is performed in an accurate and professional manner – so that every customer gets exactly what he expects. We also offer sheet metal bending services

The offer of Inpol-Krak Stal

Rich and flexible offer allows us to meet all kinds of expectations. See what we have on offer:

Tube bending

Pieces with a diameter between 8 and 130 mm

Profile cutting

Pieces with sizes between 10×10 and 80×80 mm

Precise cutting of tubes/profiles with any thickness of walls/rods

Piece length: between 20 and 3000 mm

Cutting tolerance

Cutting tolerance: +/- 0.15 mm (length)

Automatic length measurement

Deburring ends

Swarf removal

Washing parts in the productions cycle

Packaging product according to customer preference

Stages of the cutting process

Loading the material


1. Loading the material


2. Cutting


3. Deburring


4. Measuring


5. Washing


6. Packaging

See what kinds of products are made of our steel

Our other activities:

Inpol-Krak deals in more than just cutting steel parts and selling films. Our offer includes also professional, high quality steel.

Films are the second core activity of Inpol-Krak. They are an invaluable product in our times. We provide elastic films for lamination, elastic films for overprint, electroinsulating films, and rigid films.